Hairstyle At Home

Hairstyle At Home

Using Philips hair dryer it is possible to make nice hairstyles from home. More »

Philips Hair Dryer

Philips Hair Dryer

Philips hair dryers makes hair visibly brighter and more damp than traditional hair dryers. More »

Saving Time And Money

Saving Time And Money

Using hair dryer At Home saves time and money without going to the hairdresser. More »


Philips Hairdryer – An Efficient, Professional Hair Styling Tool

There are several features that you look for when planning to buy a hair styling tool for professional use. Ideally, if a philips hairdryer is designed for professional use, it should be very easy to handle, lightweight, durable and usable for a long time period without getting damaged.

It should also have a higher drying power so that you can get efficient performance as time is of utmost importance to professionals. Therefore, if it is a professional philips hairdryer that you want to buy, you should be looking for a lot of additional features.

Offering all the additional features that you might be looking for in a professional dryer, the philips hairdryer is one of the best hair styling tools you can buy.

Philips Hair Dryers: The Best in Today’s Market

In the professional hair styling equipment category, Philips is a well-known name that markets some of the best products for salon use. There are a number of blow dryers manufactured by Philips, all offering top-notch performance and some unique features. However, all of these Philips blow dryers are definitely durable, reliable and highly functional. You can also purchase them any day for professional use without doubting their performance.

Philips Professional 2001

The most popular and widely used Philips Blow Dryer is the Philips Professional 2001. This model has been extremely popular among professional for the last 30 years. With a powerful motor offering 2000 watt of drying power, this dryer can straighten the frizziest of hair and style it in minutes. Despite its power, the dryer is balanced enough to ensure that the hair is not damaged by the heat while you are drying it. With the many speed and temperature settings it has to offer, you can come up with seven different combinations that allow you to style hair in different settings very easily. For professional use, this is definitely the best Philips hair dryer you can pick.

Philips Hairdryer

Philips Milano

Another professional model available by Philips is the Milano blow dryer. Essentially, it offers you all the features that you can get in the famous 2001 model. However, it also features a concentric section for the front, which allows you to get more heat and pressure when you are drying your hair. This allows you to style your hair in a much more efficient and stylish way. Moreover, it is designed with an ergonomic handle that prevents arm or wrist fatigue in case of prolonged use. That makes this Philips Blow Dryer a perfect option for professional stylists who need to use it continuously.

Philips 3800 Idea

Boasting the ionization technology, this is another perfect Philips hair dryer that can be used for professional use. It includes an ionization device that ensures that the natural moisture of your hair is locked in during the drying process, giving it a perfect glossy and smooth look and eliminating all the frizz from them. Combined with the remarkable drying performance that Philips has to offer, this dryer gives outstanding results when it comes to hair styling. It also has a cool shot button that not only lets off pressure, but also gives you more styling options if you need to blow cool air.

Philips 3900 Healthy Philips

This Philips Blow Dryer is one of the most powerful dryers you can currently find in the market. Having a drying power between 2200 and 2400 watt, this hair dryer can reduce the drying time by 30% while ensuring that the thickest and frizziest of hair is styled perfectly. Moreover, it is also the most silent hair dryer in its category, which is quite a feat considering the remarkable power it has to offer. Like Idea, it also has an Philips ceramic system in place to protect the natural shine and structure of the hair in the face of direct heat.




Want to have fuller hair?
If you are tired of your hair styling, one thing is usually indispensable: volume. It is not always easy to create volume. That is why we like to share 7 tips that provide you with fuller hair anyway:

1. Hair dryer upside down for fuller hair
Do not use a diffuser, but create an intense volume? Use the Philips Hair dryer, which blows your hair at no less than 208 km per hour, once on the head. Throw all your hair forward and especially blow the hair. You will be amazed at how much volume you create with this.

2. Use volume powder
More and more women swear by the use of volume powder. This is also a great panacea to give your hair a little extra body. Do not be too generous with this product, just tap a little volume powder on your hair and massage it in well for a great voluminous result.

3. Give yourself a hair massage
Massaging the scalp and hair roots has more benefits than you think. It works super relaxing, but also promotes blood circulation. This stimulates hair growth and therefore ensures fuller forest hair.

4. Use as few hair products as possible
If it concerns hair products, ‘less is more’ applies. So, do not completely lure your locks with aggravating hair products such as mousse, powder, hairspray and protecting spray. This only makes your hair heavier and hangs. Do you still want to use hair products? Then choose a little volume powder or sea salt spray.

5. Use a diffuser
The big secret for fantastic volume? A diffuser! This attachment for your hair dryer is the go-to tool for beautiful full wood hair and also works exceptionally well for curly hair. The ultimate combination for fuller hair is our new smart Philips hair dryer with the diffuser attachment. It comes with three attachments; one for drying, one straight and one for creating volume, and has a built-in digital sensor that recognizes which attachment you are using. Once you choose the (extra-large!) Diffuser, the sensor registers this and creates volume with an unprecedented blowing power of 208 km / h. What is unique about the Sensor Fines is it is the smartest, most powerful, lightest but also the safest hair dryer in the world. The digital sensor measures the temperature 366x per minute and always blows to the ideal temperature of 70°C. So, you can create fuller hair in an instant – without damaging your locks!

6. Use the Cools hot function

Less fat hair equals more volume! Do you want to enjoy your just voluminous blown hair for as long as possible? (Who does not?) Then finish your styling routine with the Cools hot function of the Philips Sensor Föhn. This fix your newly styled hair, making it stay in style for longer and less fat.



In an ideal world, we would all have silky hair as soon as we got up, full of volume and incredible curls. However, many mornings we have to take the dryer, so it is more than important that you choose the right one.

Not all hair dryers are the same and it is not always easy to know what you need. Ion or Tourmaline? More or less power? What is the cold air button for? Today we bring you the main aspects to consider when choosing a dryer and also the range of Philips hair dryers that you can find. So, sit down because you’re 5 minutes away from knowing (finally) how to get the hair you’re looking for, whatever it is.

We always want you to be great in the simplest way that’s why you have the cheapest makeup products always with the best quality. Now, is much more than a store where you buy makeup, it is also hair care, skin care and you also have the best gifts for both him and her.

Today we talk about Philips, the brand of hair care tools that gives you great benefits at fantastic prices. Among its wide range of products, you can find everything from dryers or irons to scissors or even robes for professional hairdressers. Philips works with a worldwide diffusion and is considered one of the best brands of hairdressing tools in Spain.

One of its strengths are the hair dryers that brings for you, but first let’s put some points on the i’s so you can choose the Philips hair dryer that suits you best.

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that the dryer, as the name suggests, dries the hair, and I do not mean just from the outside. Excess heat can dehydrate the hair and soften the keratin of your hair. To avoid your hair suffering keep the dryer between 10 and 15 cm and do not forget the thermal protector, which will help to create a protective layer on each of your hair.

Direct the air in the direction of hair growth to help the cuticle smooth and achieve a brighter and healthier result. Choose a hair dryer that has temperature regulation and also with cold air (all Philips dryers have it) and as you dry your hair you see decreasing the power. In sensitive or very dry hair it may be better to try to repair it before continuing with the dryer. If you need it, use it at minimum power and temperature.

A little fresh air
It is important that your dryer has the function of cold air that helps to mark the hairstyle and also to cool the hair root so it does not retain much heat. That phantom button that puts cold air, has a very important function and is to seal the hair cuticle, keep your hair longer and give it shine. When your hair is almost dry, hit the cold air button on your Philips dryer. Your hair needs this fresh air for the final touches, to protect from too much heat and to leave your hair perfect.

Different types of hair require different types of dryer and heat levels
Once you have done your Philips dryer, keep in mind that you must adapt the heat to the texture and condition of your hair. Higher levels of heat are more suitable for very thick or dry hair and also if you want to remove moisture when the hair is still wet, but still keep in mind that the dryer should always be in motion and not focus in a specific area for a while. Lower levels of heat are more recommended for fine or brittle hair. If your hair is wet and not wet, use a low heat level to avoid damaging the fiber or scalp.

Ion or Tourmaline
Ionic dryers like the Philips Tekila dryer project negative ions that interact with wet hair breaking water molecules. This allows the smallest droplets to penetrate the outer layer of the hair, preventing them from drying out excessively. They also reduce the surface tension of the hair and leave it shiny and without frizz.

The tourmaline crystals are crushed and added to the production of these professional dryers like the Philips Black Lemon. Tourmaline technology maximizes the production of negative lions and seals the cuticle layer, resulting in smoother and smoother hair. In addition, they dry their hair 40% faster than their competitors without tourmaline, so if you want to have dry and soft hair in a plis, the Philips Black Lemon hair dryer is yours.

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Hair Dryer

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Hair Dryer -

Beauty and health often go hand in hand. In the case of hair dryers, these help us to comb and avoid colds after washing our hair in the winter months. Discover below, how to choose an optimal one for you and your family:

Professional or conventional?
Professional and conventional hair dryers have different advantages and particularities that can be used according to the use that is going to be given to them. The main thing to take into account, is the importance of the power of your dryer. This refers to the ability it has to generate air and heat, in other words, it tells us how strong and hot it will be when using it on our hair. This is one of the main indicators of the quality of any electrical device. In the market we can find models with a power that varies between 600 and 2,500 watts, the latter being preferred by professionals.

The higher the number of watts, the faster our hair will dry, but excess heat can also damage it, which is why some are recommended only for the use of specialists. A good option is to choose one that contemplates mechanisms of air and temperature graduation to regulate the intensity. The optimal hair dryers for home use have around 1,700 w.

The professional models
Philips hair dryers can adapt to different hair textures, thanks to its multiple modes of use and speeds. This allows to be on for long periods, without causing complications. Philips hair dryers have some special features, such as the ionization function that reduces the effects of hot air, avoiding dehydration, frizz and providing a smoother and brighter result.

Another differentiating factor of Philips hair dryers are its model and its materials, among which ceramic and tourmaline stand out. It first, warms the hair from the inside and maintains a constant temperature during the drying process, which helps to preserve the capillary integrity.

A professional tourmaline coated hair dryer is six times more intense than an ionized one, which makes the hair soft and manageable. In addition, it contributes to retain moisture, which gives a healthy shine.

The conventional models
Philips hair dryers is much more practical and although they have many options. Weight is a characteristic that should be considered when choosing a hairdryer, since beauty sessions often extend for long minutes. The Philips conventional dryers, in general, are lighter than the professionals, because the latter are designed to be handled by specialists who know how to do it without injuring themselves or causing damage to their wrists.

In Philips accessories, they have the right and necessary, being able to choose between more or less elements. The most used and essential to achieve a good hairstyle at home are the fine nozzle and the diffuser. The first is the one that concentrates the air and is used to obtain more finished smoothing, while the second is used to provide volume and to define curls. While these implements can be purchased separately, it is preferable to buy a kit that includes them, as this can get a better fit of the parts and a more convenient price.

Regardless of whether you favor a professional or conventional hair dryer, there are some things to consider for either of you. First, the cable outlet should ideally have a head that can rotate 360 ​​degrees to provide total freedom when handling the device. Its extension must be 2.5 meters to allow more mobility.

The option of cold air is essential to seal the hair cuticles after exposing it to hot water. There are some models that do not have an automatic button, so it may be more practical to consider those that do.
Finally, regardless of which type you choose in Philips hair dryers, consider using it at about 15cms away from your hair and point from your scalp to the ends, to close the fibers and avoid sponging.

Whether for reasons of beauty or health, having good Philips hair dryers is essential when opting for a hair dryer. Beyond the price, try to find the one that suits more to the use you will give in your home.

Philips Conditioning Pro-Dryer Review

Philips Conditioning Pro-Dryer Review -

The Philips Conditioning Pro-Dryer utilizes 5 times the far infrared technology and 5 times the level of negative irons to dry your hair faster while conditioning it. You do not need to use a conditioner on your hair after shampooing when you use this dryer. Let’s have a look at the special features that the Philips hair dryer has to offer.

Philips Key Features
Not all dryers are created equally. The Philips Conditioning Pro-Dryer will not only dry your hair fast, but it will also condition it as if you had used a leave in conditioner. The special features which make this happen are:

  • 5x the levels of negative ions to keep your hair shiny and not frizzy
  • 5x the levels of far infrared heat will dry your hair in record time
  • Variable heat settings so you can add or take away heat as needed for your style
  • Cool shot button to set your style
  • Turbo fan to blow the hot air fast

Since many hair dryers offer similar features, knowing the exact details of each feature will help you make the best choice. I am going to go over the five key features that I believe should most influence your purchasing decision.

5x the Level of Negative Ions
Using negative ions to dry your hair will keep your hair from frizzing up. Electric ions work like static electricity, pulling hair up like when you rub it with a balloon. The negative ions will help to avoid frizz by contracting the static charge. Using a professional level hair dryer with electric ions will make your hair lie flat and make it shine.

5x the Level of Far Infrared Heat
The Philips Conditioning Pro-Dryer uses far infrared heat to dry your hair from the inside out. This means your hair will dry, and dry completely, much faster than just blowing hot air at it. Your hair will be completely dry, with added volume and bounce because it is not weighed down with water that is trapped inside of the hair follicles.

Variable Heat Settings
Some areas of your hair may require less heat than others to get it to style the way you want it. Being able to change the amount of heat means you can get the style you want without over-drying some parts or letting other parts remain damp. With the variable heat settings, you will not have to worry about burning your scalp. The heat can be adjusted mid use to keep your scalp a comfortable temperature throughout the entire hair drying process.

Cool Shot Button
When you use heat to dry and style your hair, a blast of cool air sets the style. The cool shot button adds this advantage to this dryer, keeping your hair looking great all-day long. Cool shots of air are perfect for maintaining volume, especially if you are someone who finds that their hair loses volume halfway through the day.

Turbo Fan
You want your hair dryer to actually blow a large volume of hot air, not just a gentle breeze. The turbo fan provides high-speed hot air. You can hold the dryer further from your head to avoid putting too much direct heat on your face or scalp and still get enough air movement to dry your hair.

What’s Included with the Philips Conditioning Pro-Dryer?

  • Blow Dryer
  • Styling Nozzle

Does it Have a Warranty?
Yes, the Philips Conditioning Pro-Dryer has a five-year manufacturer’s warranty. The extended warranty shows the manufacturer’s faith in their product and determination to keep their customers satisfied.

Customer Reviews
Customers are all very pleased with this hair dryer, and feel their hair is much more manageable since they have been using it. No buyers had any serious complaints. One buyer mentioned that it dries quickly without extreme heat and another one said it takes less than 10 minutes to get the job done.

Pros and Cons
Few products are perfect, even the ones with five-star reviews. Though no customer seriously complained about any features, there are some aspects of this hair dryer model that some would consider flaws. Knowing about features that could possibly cause a user problem will help keep a buyer satisfied with a product. The pros of this Philips dryer are:
· Dries your hair very fast
· Conditions your hair as it dries
· Keep your hair silky smooth
The blow dryer cons are:
· The dryer is a bit on the heavy side
· Easy to accidentally hit the on/off button

Customers have agreed that this Philips dryer is one that will last a long time while keeping your hair shiny and frizz-free. The blow dryer has the ability to dry your hair very quickly with a safe temperature of heat. If you use the hair dryer and cool shot to style your hair, that hair style should stay in your hair throughout the day, and not become loose. This is a professional dryer that is easy enough to use at home.

Philips Hair Dryer

Philips Hair Dryer -

Philips hair dryer is basically a convictional blow dryer and is equipped. That will help the user to style their hair while drying it. Otherwise a user will take a blower in one hand and a Styler in the other hand, to style up which is further difficult to get the desire hair style, as the blower will provide air to all of the hair and choosing which portion to be wet and which one to be dry is a frustrating task for the user. As far as the Philips hair dryer, which is equipped and has two in one that provide you with an ease to dry and get a desire look of the hair.

A number of manufacturer are available in the market along with a reasonable rate, you are not supposed to look for a product from one the best designer or one of its kind, it’s a basic product, look for a dryer and accessories with the price that is not out of your budget, that can be achieved with a bit of comparison shopping online, that will allow you to find the right type of Philips hair dryer appropriate for your hairstyle.

Some of the latest Philips dryer in the market that is of quality design and manufacturing, versatility and very reasonably priced are as follows:

The Ceramic Styler comes with three connectable attachments and comb attachments for creating the perfect hairstyle. This popular model received high ratings from everyday consumers who boast about its ease of use and powerful drying capabilities.

This model is perfect for thin or fine hair that cannot be easily damaged with high powered dryers and curling irons.

Philips combines a blow dryer with a curling iron that creates maximum volume and large loose curls. The unit has both high and low settings that control heat and air flow together to accommodate variation in hair type. The cool tip makes control easy and unscrews to release to roll for cleaning. It’s designed to be gentle on hair with its flexible rubberized ball tips. This is a top-quality model at an extremely affordable price.

Philips Hair Dryers For Fine Hair

Philips Hair Dryers For Fine Hair -

Most experts agree that heat is the source of all evil in the hair, especially if you have fine hair and depend on the roots to raise it and maintain elasticity. Fortunately, the heat also has good qualities. When combined with materials such as ceramics and tourmaline, heat can help fine hair reach its full potential. If you have fine hair, Then Philips hair dryer is the best.

Why dry with fine hair dryer?
If your hair is fine, you probably already know the damage that dryers and other hairdressing devices usually cause. Fine hair, because of its genetically determined protein structure, is highly susceptible to heat damage. Too much heat absorbs moisture from the hair shaft, which leaves it brittle and prone to damage. Sera and sprays can temporarily protect your hair, but the long-term solution for healthy fine hair with elasticity, body and volume is to treat it with care. This starts with finding the right dryer for fine hair.

Fine hair can be a challenge. Flat, weak and lifeless are common and very real complaints among those who have this type of hair. Fine hair covers all colors, and can be straight or curly. But what is always frustrating is frizz, which causes more complaints than any other type of hair. Despite its demanding reputation, however, fine hair has every reason to shine: healthy fine hair is naturally elegant and silky. It responds well to the hairstyle with heat and can maintain its shape. Even waves and curls are possible.  Fine hair looks fabulous with the right tools and techniques.

Philips dryers are suitable for all hair types, but many models have certain characteristics that are more optimal for fine hair than others. If you have fine hair, there are some suggestions as to what features to look for when you make your choice.

The best features of Philips hair dryers for fine hair

  • Ceramic or ceramic / tourmaline technology
  • Ionic technology
  • Low to medium heat settings
  • Low speed settings
  • Moderate wattage (1600 – 1875)
  • Accessories
  • Air concentrator (straight hair)
  • Diffuser (curly or wavy hair)

Technology: ceramic, ionic or tourmaline for fine hair?
Ceramics and ceramics / tourmaline are organic compounds with a wide variety of thermal properties.
The ceramic technology provides a uniform heat. Philips hair dryer uses ceramics emit subtle infrared heat waves, which creates heat with less damage. Infrared technology can protect the outer cuticle layer from dehydration and other thermal stress factors. You cannot see the heat, but you will notice the difference.

When ground tourmaline is added to the ceramic, you get the benefit of moderate heat along with ionic conditioning. Hot tourmaline emits negative ions naturally to obtain very positive results. Negative ions help soften the surface of the hair, which adds a healthy glow.

Some hair dryers increase the negative ions electronically, which generates a significant increase in the number of ions available on the surface of your hair. This ionic technology in Philips hair dryers helps control frizz (sometimes up to 75% less frizz) to achieve a more docile and shiny hair.

In fine hair, the ions that fight frizz are the same ones that can flatten the hair. Depending on the texture of your hair, this may or may not be the result you really want. To eliminate frizz and control curls, ions are beneficial. If elasticity and volume are your main objectives, consider using the naturally created ions of ceramics / tourmaline (without the generation of electronic ions) or a single ceramic dryer.
Recommendations for the use of hair dryers

Low heat / low speed for temperature and control
Like many of us, fine hair works in optimal conditions when it is not under stress. The pressure caused by a higher air velocity, together with the heat of the dryer, can cause stress on the hair that is already highly susceptible to damage. Fine hair responds better in cold temperatures, so a dryer with variable settings of cold to moderate temperatures, and no more than 1875 watts, can help manage this type of hair.

Cold air button to fix the hairstyle
In thin hair you can apply a burst of cold air in the final stage of drying to reduce frizz and fix the hairstyle. Cold air seals the hair cuticle – the layer responsible for how your hair looks and feels – to leave it shiny and silky.

Air concentrator to control the direction and heat in your hair
The air concentrator helps direct the flow of air directly into the section of hair you are working on. Direct the nozzle to the roots to create volume.

Get the best Philips dryer for fine hair
Buying a dryer that meets the special needs of fine hair can be challenging. The portable models of Philips found in pharmacies and professional salons have so many features, benefits and prices that reducing your selection to just one can be either exciting or overwhelming. But even if you have a limited budget, you will find many excellent Philips hair dryers in your price range. Your hair will reward you with shine, volume and elasticity when you find the dryer with the features that work best for your hair type.

Gentle Women Hair Dryer

A very smooth and shiny look. That aside, the dryer includes a diffuser attachment and offers two different heat settings along with Find the Best Hair Dryer for Curly Hair to Get a Smooth and Sleek Look.

Blow drying and styling your mass of thick curly hair can be quite a challenge since they do not always get the perfect sleek look you are aiming for. However, it is not always your own fault that you cannot set your hair right; usually it is the hair dryer you are using that is at fault. To get your curly hair blow dried in a perfectly smooth way, you need to have the right high-power hair dryer that do the job for you.

When blow drying curly hair, you have to be extra careful about what you are doing or you can end up with a huge mane of frizzy hair that would be extremely difficult to manage.

Finding The Best Hair Dryer For Fine Hair To Get The Perfect Look

Different types of hair have different requirements. This is why the same hair dryer cannot be used by all hair types. If you have silky, thin and smooth hair, which is generally referred to as fine hair, you will require a hair dryer that adds shine and volume to your tresses. You will also need a machine that provides the right heat settings to avoid frying your hair.

If you’re searching for the best hair dryer for fine hair, the following lines will guide you while you shop

What the Best Hair Dryer for Fine Hair Should Have

If you want to get the best hair dryer for fine hair, there are certain qualities that you should focus on getting.

Remington Pro-Philips Ultra And Ac2015 Tstudio – The Two Hottest Remington Hair Dryers Out There

If you own a Remington hair dryer, you probably already know that the brand offers some of the top models in the industry. The best thing about these hair dryers is that they are available in many types and are used by top salons and professionals whose only focus is their client and their hair.

Of the hundreds of models available in stores, two of the most recent models have gained ample popularity over a short period of time: the Remington Pro-Philips Ultra and the Remington Ac2015 Tstudio Salon Collection Pearl Ceramic Hair Dryer.

If you’re in the market for a new hair dryer, the following review will help you decide whether one of these is a perfect replacement.