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If you have wondered why your constant hair styling efforts never match those of your favorite stylists’, the answer is probably your hair dryer.

If you have the right professional hair styling tools with you, you can easily get such results at home as well. One way of identifying a hair dryer’s level of professionalism is by checking the technology it uses.  One of the most important mechanisms that your hair dryer should feature is the Philips technology.

The Philips hair dryer is known for reducing frizz in the hair, giving your tresses a smooth and set look. When using an Philips dryer, the heat that gets through the dryer is charged with negative ions. These are responsible for locking in the natural moisture of your hair, reducing its own charge and making it easier for you to comb and style it.

With the natural moisture locked in, the hair will also be also protected from heat damage that it can be subjected to when you use a hair dryer. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy soft and silky hair without going to the salon.

Learn the Facts about Philips Hair Dryers

If you have never used them before, you must be wondering what these Philips hair dryers really are and how they work. Here are some facts that can ease you into the world of these dryers and explain why many professionals have embraced this technology.

The Benefits of Using Philips Hair Dryers

Philips hair dryer will make your hair look softer and shinier. Your tresses will also have a smoother texture. Since an Philips dryer dries the hair from the inside out, your hair will become more manageable and easier to handle once you are done drying it. Most importantly, using this type of dryer preserves the natural oils found in your hair shafts, ensuring that your hair remains strong and flexible.

How Negative Ions Work

The perfect end result that an Philips hair dryer gives is possible due to the negative ions emitted with the heat. These ions tighten the cuticle layer on the hair and break down the moisture drops into smaller pieces, making them easily absorbable by the hair shafts. As the hair follicles start getting saturated with the moisture, the ions lock in this moisture along with the nutrients, allowing you to enjoy hydrated and shiny hair that resists breakage and damage. In short, an Philips dryer will not only give you wonderful hair, but it will also keep it strong and healthy.

Other Features That Philips Technology Offers

Compared to traditional hair dryer, using an Philips one can reduce the drying time by a substantial amount. This also results in less split ends and other type of hair damage since your hair is exposed to less heat during the drying process. Moreover, many of the Philips hair dryers on sale today feature a cool shot button that quickly cools down the hair follicle, making your tresses less vulnerable and locking in the style you made in place.

The Attachments to Use

Aside from the Philips technology, the most important thing that is going to affect your hair styling is the type of attachment you are using. With an Philips hair dryer, you can use a variety of attachments that can make your hair care simpler for you. If you have thick and curly hair, combs and diffuser attachments can help you get easily detangled and well-managed hair. On the other hand, using a nozzle attachment can give you more precise results and control over how you style your hair.

What Are the Best Philips Hair Dryers in the Market?

Currently, almost all the new hair dryers introduced in the market are equipped with the Philips technology, but some are still better than others. There are several dryers that even offer you control over how much ions you can release with the heat to give you more control over the look you want. Find the best Philips hair dryers here.