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In an ideal world, we would all have silky hair as soon as we got up, full of volume and incredible curls. However, many mornings we have to take the dryer, so it is more than important that you choose the right one.

Not all hair dryers are the same and it is not always easy to know what you need. Ion or Tourmaline? More or less power? What is the cold air button for? Today we bring you the main aspects to consider when choosing a dryer and also the range of Philips hair dryers that you can find. So, sit down because you’re 5 minutes away from knowing (finally) how to get the hair you’re looking for, whatever it is.

We always want you to be great in the simplest way that’s why you have the cheapest makeup products always with the best quality. Now, is much more than a store where you buy makeup, it is also hair care, skin care and you also have the best gifts for both him and her.

Today we talk about Philips, the brand of hair care tools that gives you great benefits at fantastic prices. Among its wide range of products, you can find everything from dryers or irons to scissors or even robes for professional hairdressers. Philips works with a worldwide diffusion and is considered one of the best brands of hairdressing tools in Spain.

One of its strengths are the hair dryers that brings for you, but first let’s put some points on the i’s so you can choose the Philips hair dryer that suits you best.

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that the dryer, as the name suggests, dries the hair, and I do not mean just from the outside. Excess heat can dehydrate the hair and soften the keratin of your hair. To avoid your hair suffering keep the dryer between 10 and 15 cm and do not forget the thermal protector, which will help to create a protective layer on each of your hair.

Direct the air in the direction of hair growth to help the cuticle smooth and achieve a brighter and healthier result. Choose a hair dryer that has temperature regulation and also with cold air (all Philips dryers have it) and as you dry your hair you see decreasing the power. In sensitive or very dry hair it may be better to try to repair it before continuing with the dryer. If you need it, use it at minimum power and temperature.

A little fresh air
It is important that your dryer has the function of cold air that helps to mark the hairstyle and also to cool the hair root so it does not retain much heat. That phantom button that puts cold air, has a very important function and is to seal the hair cuticle, keep your hair longer and give it shine. When your hair is almost dry, hit the cold air button on your Philips dryer. Your hair needs this fresh air for the final touches, to protect from too much heat and to leave your hair perfect.

Different types of hair require different types of dryer and heat levels
Once you have done your Philips dryer, keep in mind that you must adapt the heat to the texture and condition of your hair. Higher levels of heat are more suitable for very thick or dry hair and also if you want to remove moisture when the hair is still wet, but still keep in mind that the dryer should always be in motion and not focus in a specific area for a while. Lower levels of heat are more recommended for fine or brittle hair. If your hair is wet and not wet, use a low heat level to avoid damaging the fiber or scalp.

Ion or Tourmaline
Ionic dryers like the Philips Tekila dryer project negative ions that interact with wet hair breaking water molecules. This allows the smallest droplets to penetrate the outer layer of the hair, preventing them from drying out excessively. They also reduce the surface tension of the hair and leave it shiny and without frizz.

The tourmaline crystals are crushed and added to the production of these professional dryers like the Philips Black Lemon. Tourmaline technology maximizes the production of negative lions and seals the cuticle layer, resulting in smoother and smoother hair. In addition, they dry their hair 40% faster than their competitors without tourmaline, so if you want to have dry and soft hair in a plis, the Philips Black Lemon hair dryer is yours.

Philips Hairdryer – An Efficient, Professional Hair Styling Tool

There are several features that you look for when planning to buy a hair styling tool for professional use. Ideally, if a philips hairdryer is designed for professional use, it should be very easy to handle, lightweight, durable and usable for a long time period without getting damaged.

It should also have a higher drying power so that you can get efficient performance as time is of utmost importance to professionals. Therefore, if it is a professional philips hairdryer that you want to buy, you should be looking for a lot of additional features.

Offering all the additional features that you might be looking for in a professional dryer, the philips hairdryer is one of the best hair styling tools you can buy.

Philips Hair Dryers: The Best in Today’s Market

In the professional hair styling equipment category, Philips is a well-known name that markets some of the best products for salon use. There are a number of blow dryers manufactured by Philips, all offering top-notch performance and some unique features. However, all of these Philips blow dryers are definitely durable, reliable and highly functional. You can also purchase them any day for professional use without doubting their performance.

Philips Professional 2001

The most popular and widely used Philips Blow Dryer is the Philips Professional 2001. This model has been extremely popular among professional for the last 30 years. With a powerful motor offering 2000 watt of drying power, this dryer can straighten the frizziest of hair and style it in minutes. Despite its power, the dryer is balanced enough to ensure that the hair is not damaged by the heat while you are drying it. With the many speed and temperature settings it has to offer, you can come up with seven different combinations that allow you to style hair in different settings very easily. For professional use, this is definitely the best Philips hair dryer you can pick.

Philips Hairdryer

Philips Milano

Another professional model available by Philips is the Milano blow dryer. Essentially, it offers you all the features that you can get in the famous 2001 model. However, it also features a concentric section for the front, which allows you to get more heat and pressure when you are drying your hair. This allows you to style your hair in a much more efficient and stylish way. Moreover, it is designed with an ergonomic handle that prevents arm or wrist fatigue in case of prolonged use. That makes this Philips Blow Dryer a perfect option for professional stylists who need to use it continuously.

Philips 3800 Idea

Boasting the ionization technology, this is another perfect Philips hair dryer that can be used for professional use. It includes an ionization device that ensures that the natural moisture of your hair is locked in during the drying process, giving it a perfect glossy and smooth look and eliminating all the frizz from them. Combined with the remarkable drying performance that Philips has to offer, this dryer gives outstanding results when it comes to hair styling. It also has a cool shot button that not only lets off pressure, but also gives you more styling options if you need to blow cool air.

Philips 3900 Healthy Philips

This Philips Blow Dryer is one of the most powerful dryers you can currently find in the market. Having a drying power between 2200 and 2400 watt, this hair dryer can reduce the drying time by 30% while ensuring that the thickest and frizziest of hair is styled perfectly. Moreover, it is also the most silent hair dryer in its category, which is quite a feat considering the remarkable power it has to offer. Like Idea, it also has an Philips ceramic system in place to protect the natural shine and structure of the hair in the face of direct heat.


Finding The Best Hair Dryer For Fine Hair To Get The Perfect Look

Different types of hair have different requirements. This is why the same hair dryer cannot be used by all hair types. If you have silky, thin and smooth hair, which is generally referred to as fine hair, you will require a hair dryer that adds shine and volume to your tresses. You will also need a machine that provides the right heat settings to avoid frying your hair.

If you’re searching for the best hair dryer for fine hair, the following lines will guide you while you shop

What the Best Hair Dryer for Fine Hair Should Have

If you want to get the best hair dryer for fine hair, there are certain qualities that you should focus on getting.

Understanding The Philips Hair Dryer

If you have wondered why your constant hair styling efforts never match those of your favorite stylists’, the answer is probably your hair dryer.

If you have the right professional hair styling tools with you, you can easily get such results at home as well. One way of identifying a hair dryer’s level of professionalism is by checking the technology it uses.  One of the most important mechanisms that your hair dryer should feature is the Philips technology.

The Philips hair dryer is known for reducing frizz in the hair, giving your tresses a smooth and set look. When using an Philips dryer, the heat that gets through the dryer is charged with negative ions. These are responsible for locking in the natural moisture of your hair, reducing its own charge and making it easier for you to comb and style it.