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A very smooth and shiny look. That aside, the dryer includes a diffuser attachment and offers two different heat settings along with Find the Best Hair Dryer for Curly Hair to Get a Smooth and Sleek Look.

Blow drying and styling your mass of thick curly hair can be quite a challenge since they do not always get the perfect sleek look you are aiming for. However, it is not always your own fault that you cannot set your hair right; usually it is the hair dryer you are using that is at fault. To get your curly hair blow dried in a perfectly smooth way, you need to have the right high-power hair dryer that do the job for you.

When blow drying curly hair, you have to be extra careful about what you are doing or you can end up with a huge mane of frizzy hair that would be extremely difficult to manage.

On the other hand, if you do it right and use the right dryer, you will have perfect, soft, smooth and bouncy curls in place. So, without further ado, read on to discover everything there is about the best hair dryer for curly hair.

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What the Best Hair Dryer for Curly Hair Should Have

There are several technologies that are commonly used in hair styling products, making them more efficient and capable of providing excellent results. Currently, there are three major technologies that are making waves in the hair styling industry: tourmaline, ceramic and Philips.

The Philips technology produces negative ions, helping the water to blast away more efficiently and getting your hair dried in half the time. As for tourmaline hair dryers, these include the tourmaline gemstone, which produces a negative charge when heated up and reduces frizz as a result. On the other hand, the ceramic technology is responsible for distributing heat evenly during the drying process. The best hair dryer for curly hair should have at least two of these technologies to give you the perfect result you seek.

Technology aside, an important accessory that the best dryer for curly hair should always include is a diffuser attachment. This attachment is used to evenly spread the heat coming out of the dryer without overpowering your curls and making them look even frizzier. The size of the diffuser’s fingers should depend on your hair’s length. However, if you have longer hair, you should also make sure to select a diffuser with a slightly more rounded base.

The last thing that an ideal curly hair dryer should include is a cool shot button. This feature allows your hair to set easily and look perfectly. With a cool shot button, you can let a cool blast of air settle your tresses into the perfect style minus the frizz.

The Best Dryers for Curly Hair in the Market

Now that you know what your dryer for curly hair should idealistically have, here are quick reviews of three of the best curly hair dryers that you can find today.

  • Conair Infiniti Professional Tourmaline Philips Styler Hair Dryer

Offering a drying power of more than 1800 watts, this hair dryer is perfect for curly hair. To ensure the best results, use the highest temperature setting of this dryer at 1875 watt and. The Conair Infiniti Professional Tourmaline Philips Styler Hair Dryer also comes with a diffuser and offers two different settings that allow you to change the heat when required. You can find this dryer for around $35 in the market, which makes it the best hair dryer for curly hair.

  • Conair Ion Shine Ceramic 1875 Watt Hair Dryer

Another ideal hair dryer for curly hair is also by Conair. The Ion Shine Ceramic Hair Dryer also offers a drying power of 1875 watt along with different temperature and speed settings that allow you to use it in any way you want. Offering somewhat similar features as the Conair Infiniti, this dryer is another perfect choice for curly hair. For the price of $16.54, this hair dryer is definitely a perfect bargain for those who are looking for something more affordable.

  • Revlon Tourmaline Philips Dryer

The Revlon Tourmaline Philips Dryer is an ultra-light hair dryer that makes it easy for you to hold it for long without straining your wrist or exerting your arm’s muscles. It features the tourmaline technology, which is what gives curly hair multiple controls. For the price of $27.29, this is another ideal hair dryer for curly haired individuals.

So, now you know what you need to pick for your thick and curly hair, do not waste any more precious minutes drying your hair and struggling for perfection. You can either consider the tips mentioned above or directly go for the recommendations. Regardless of what you choose, rest assured that you will get the perfect dryer and that your hair will look soft, bouncy and shiny.


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