Remington Pro-Philips Ultra And Ac2015 Tstudio – The Two Hottest Remington Hair Dryers Out There

If you own a Remington hair dryer, you probably already know that the brand offers some of the top models in the industry. The best thing about these hair dryers is that they are available in many types and are used by top salons and professionals whose only focus is their client and their hair.

Of the hundreds of models available in stores, two of the most recent models have gained ample popularity over a short period of time: the Remington Pro-Philips Ultra and the Remington Ac2015 Tstudio Salon Collection Pearl Ceramic Hair Dryer.

If you’re in the market for a new hair dryer, the following review will help you decide whether one of these is a perfect replacement.

Remington Pro-Philips Ultra Hair Dryer:

This particular Remington hair dryer has a two in once black and chrome body. It is a good quality salon style hair dryer that is easy to grip and can be maneuvered around the head without a lot of trouble. The cord of this professional hair dryer is also longer than average and can be plugged into any standard power source that you use.

The Pro-Philips’s Capabilities

This Remington model features the pro-Philips conditioning technology, which explains its name. Through this technology, the water droplets present in your damp hair are transformed into smaller water droplets that help you dry your hair a lot quicker. As a result, your hair will be heated less and ultimately the damage to your hair will be reduced as well. Moreover, because the grille is made of ceramic-tourmaline, which gives off 90% more ions than any other standard dryer, your hair will be protected from spot damage and remain healthy and shiny for a longer time.

Heat Settings:

Like many of its predecessors, this Remington hair dryer has three heat settings. The benefit of multiple settings is that you can either opt to dry your hair slowly while setting a particular style or quicker when your aim is only to dry your hair. Now most of the people who have used this product say that they are most comfortable with the second level of heating as it is the most balanced and thorough.

However, one drawback that has been noted in this model lies in the placement of its buttons. On the dryer, the buttons are placed horizontally instead of vertically. As a result, it is hard to switch between the different speed and heat settings. This task is especially hassling when you are using the dryer on yourself.

Attachments and Diffusers

If you have used or owned top-notch Remington hair dryers, you must already know that they often come with diffusers. The Remington Pro-Philips Ultra comes with a concentrator in its packaging, which makes the model a lot more reliable. When using the concentrator, it will help you in drying your hair even quicker because it allows the heat to target a certain area. Moreover, with the help of this diffuser, you can easily add an extra bounce and more volume to your hair

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